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Im new to this forum and would like to say hello to everybody. Does anybody know where I can get a good radiator for my 85 Esprit turbo plus a recommended garage for fitting it in the Cumbrian region - Barrow-in-Furness? I have the usual hot running engine. I would also be very grateful for any advice on keeping the temperature down. Cheers guys! B)

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Are you sure it's the rad?

This may sound to be a stupid question... Are you sure it's running hot.

I assumed I had an issue as mine was often reading over mid way, and on hot days would head into the red, so pull over let it cool etc. I looked that the thermostat and found it was OK, but replaced it anyway as it could go just after screwing it all back together and I'd bought one anyway.

Mine turned out to not be running hot, when tested with an infra red thermometer. The reading on the dash was way out. That can be for many reasons, but mine was a faulty voltage regulator for the dash instruments (they should run at 10v not 12V on the early cars).

I'd suggest checking the temperature it is running at before going for a new rad. If you haven't got / can't borrow an infra red thermometer, you can buy little max temperature strips, stick them on the pipe near the engine, run the car on the road, check the max temperature your dash indicates, then check the strip to see what it went to.


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things to check

otter switch trip for fans in front boot area, check temp sensor itself under car, also take two wires off and use a small pin to join and see if fans kick in, check coolant level, best way to check thermostat is to take it off and inspect it, on mine the lower seal had gone, only found it when removed.

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Thanks Andy, I will check out the temperature as you suggest, but I had my car in for a service at Christopher Neal last year and they said that the radiator was in bad condition, so I think I may have to opt for a new one in the log run.

Thanks Bigsy I will certainly try your suggestions. Cheers guys!

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