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Some nice rides

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So I went to meet up with the local Ferrari and British car clubs, only to find that it had been postponed a week due to inclement weather. We ran into a lovely couple that had not gotten the notice either and had lunch with them. Afterwards we were invited back to his shop to take a tour. I managed to snap a couple pics.

These were taken at his friends shop next door. This gentleman is actually a professional restorer

E-type awaiting restoration for a client


Another shot of the Jag with his personal Ferrari behind it


SS120 drophead undergoing a 100 point restoration. This car will be going to the Pebble Beach show next year


A barn find Jag. It's 100% complete and in GREAT shape. The owner is going to restore this for his wife.


He litteraly had stacks of Jag engines just laying around


These cars were in his 'storage aread' next door. All are awaiting restoration.

SS140 fixedhead with another e-type sitting next to it


'59 Jag in the foreground and a mid 60's Jag in the rear


We then sautered next door to the garage of the gentleman who we had met at lunch. Keep in mind this is his personal collection.

MG undergoing complete restoration


E-type in the final stages of a full frame off restoration


308. The engine is out right now, but has just finished a rebuild and is ready to go back in the car


This one gets driven and ralliied regularly. It was in great shape.


This one just finished restoration


e-type. this is a regular driver. don't mind the mess on the hood...


...the 59 Rolls on the lift above it had a coolant leak. He's going to fix it tomorrow.


and finally, I saved the best for last... a mint S1 Esprit. This thing looked like it just rolled off the line.


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I was actually assured that that came from one of the other cars. He had just rearranged the garage last week.

I was going to ask about the Esprit in the background of the MG picture.

Great pictures, Russ. What a great way to spend a cold, wet day.

I'd love to have you meet this crowd. Great folks and serious car buffs.

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Look like propper series 1's as well (e-types).

Suprised, I thought the main one they sold there was the V12 with the horrible lights ?

The Healey is looking on the good side too !

facebook =

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