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Can't find where this connector goes!


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I recently got this 1994 Esprit Turbo, but it has had some pretty poor upkeep from the last owner. I found this connector loose in the engine bay but can't find a plug in for it. It has two wires Black/Brown and Yellow/Brown. Any ideas?




I have looked everywhere. Removed the air filter intake, intake casting, and the oil filter. Directly behind the starter I have an oil line to the turbo with two sensor wires on top and one near the base coming off at 90deg (I presume oil pressure). Behind that assembly there is a sensor with a single conductor blue wire. I also checked the coolent tank and it has a single conductor wire hooked up to it as well.

I ordered a new coolent sensor and it fits the plug and looks like it should be installed just behind the oil pressure sender behind the starter under the intake runners. If so then where does that blue wire go?


Found It

The coolant sensor for the ECU is located on the underside of the intake runners. I hope the engineer who thought that up got fired! New sensor installed and the idle improved right away.

Thanks for all the suggestions and ideas.


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Just had a quick look thru the manual.

Black/Brown and Yellow/Brown (Lotus wiring code BN & YN) relates to the plug for the coolant temp sensor. Since the lead is right next to the coolant bottle, I would say that is it.

Does your check engine light do a self test at turn on (for a couple of seconds) or has that been de-activated as well ??

Simon  (94 S4)      My Esprit will be for sale in late 2017

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That connector looks very much like the coolant temp plug although the wires don't look long enough. The best way to see the coolant temp sensor is remove the airbox and stick your head in the gap, look under the plenum round the dipstick tube and you should see it. Its very hard to get to and see.

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I also have a 2 wire plug connector in the exact same place, same length, same harness, that is unhooked and does not seem to go anywhere, the car is an 88 so i figure they just changed the plug, but i cannot find where it goes, no warning lamps or anything are on and car is running ok . . .

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I have no specialist knowledge Chris - but it COULD be an unused connector if Lotus had options available on the original car?

Just a thought....


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that solves it for me, it is a black round connector and i could not find anyplace to plug it, must have been some option removed or maybe test point or something . . . car runs fine without it . . . thanks Greg WO . . . here is a pic

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