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Front shocks

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If you've been following my alternator saga in the other thread, you'll know that the car is off having some work done. The shop just called to tell me that the car will be ready for pickup tomorrow morning (GREAT!), but thought they should also advise me that the front shocks were shot. I knew they were bad, but apparently they have completely packed it in :)

I plan on getting the car down to Atlanta in March for my C service and a couple other odds and ends, one of which was fitment of the new Lotus suspension. In the meantime, I was wondering if anybody had fitted the new suspension and had a couple shocks left over that were still in servicable condition? Anybody in the States? I'm just looking for something cheap to get me by for a couple months...

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I have a 2001 also. I have just over 25,000 miles on mine. How can you tell the front shocks were bad?

My car will be going in for the cam belts change in March too at Lotus of Atlanta.


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push up and down on the front fender. Mine bounces around in a very dramatic fashion. You will also be able to see oil leaks on the actual shock. the big indicator is driving the car over bumps - the front end on my actually ocsillates after going over a small speed bump.

As far as the service in Atlanta, I am going to make a mini vacation out of mine and drive the Lotus down and drop it off then shack up in a hotel downtown for a couple days.

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