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Flushing Coolant System V8

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Well I spent almost 2 hours disconnecting hoses and clamps to try and drain all of the coolant from the car (US model).

This is what I have learned and this is the combination I used to get at least 3 gal out of the car. I still could not get more than 3 gal of coolant out of the car, so I guess there is 1 gallon still in the engine block and turbos which I could not drain.

1. I found out that disconnecting the driver side (US model) radiator hose will accomplish the same thing as the radiator drain bolt (Draining the radiator from the drain bolt isn't fun and trying ot get the bolt back in is a pain!!!).

2. I drained the re-circulation section from the diverter valve hose on the front passenger side (US model).

3. I drained the heater section from the circulation pump (driver side - US model- engine compartment).

4. I also disconnected the main hose from the engine to the radiator (passenger side (US model) engine compartment).

I did this five times and refilled with distilled water before I refilled with the Honda coolant.

So far the car runs fine. Burned my hands trying to purge the radiator after the fans kicked twice; should have put a bleeder type of bolt in there.

I also used compressed air (reverse flow) to blow out the debris in the radiator. Then sprayed water (reverse flow) to wash out the debris in the radiator. I was amazed on how much stuff came out!

I hope this helps people in the future.


2001 V8

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2001 V8 - Silver

2007 Ducati 1098

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