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Alternator Bosch AL49X at O'Reilly;s

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For everyone's information I spent 2 hours on the phone searching for a Bosch AL49X alternator. Every parts house told me they did not carry Bosch or it was discontinued. Finally I tried one of the part number cross reference links and found my alternator on the next call. I called O'Reilly's and asked for a part number 14812 (Ultima brand) I opened the box at the store and inside was an alternator Part# Bosch AL49X stamped right on it. It was $119.99 with a $40.00 exchange (net price 79.99) for a remanufactured unit. Swapping out the pully and rotating the housing 180 degrees was a snap. I did need a 1.00 longer drive belt, which seems to be OK.

I had all the signs of a dead or dying alternator --> dead batteries, Freescan low voltage, and black "goo" leaking on th A/C compressor. Also no dash warning lights to indicate a problem. Thanks to everyone who has figured this out for the rest of us.

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A parts guy at a local AutoZone refused to sell me one, since he asked me what kind of car and I said "it's for a Lotus, but I know that Lotus isn't in your database". He said he wouldn't sell it to me since it wasn't spec'd for my car...

I walked out.

I actually had my Valeo alternator rebuilt by a very good auto electric guy here in Boulder CO. He had all the parts and much experience with Valeo.


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Did you have him rebuild it to the stock amperage? I'm considering having mine rebuilt to put out 85 or 90 amps. When I run the car at night with the headlights, fans and the chargecooler pump and new remote oil cooler fans, my voltage drops way down to 12.2 or so. Do you think this would help?


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