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Brake lights and Binnacle Pod

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Hi everyone. I just picked up an '85 TE and have found the brake lights only come on when the car is as a dead stop (maybe more pedal pressure is applied when the car is stopped?) Any advice regarding the first areas to check? Also the previous owner has given me a new binnacle pod as the one on the car is badly sun damaged. Does anyone have experience in replacing the binnacle pod? Thanks much!


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Brake lights, I'd check the operation of the switch, it's down in the footwell, just check it operates when you press it directly ,using a multimeter or somebody to watch your lights.

There should be no obvious reason why they wouldn't come on when the vehicle's moving.

Binnacle. GRRR

I've just removed mine, it's only a few bolts (should be 4 on that age I believe), 10mm heads, approx 7 inches out from the centre line, in 2 rows, one in front of the other. with the front one approx 3 inches from the frot of the binnacle.

Then it's just the cables, speedo drive, boost gauge line (if it's mechanical gauge), heater vent etc.

Best of luck.

I'm now altering mine as I want it higher (I can see the dials better that way, and I want a double DIN radio space in the centre console), so I'm altering my brackets.


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I had loads of probs with my brake light switch. It screws into the top of the pedal box, awkward to feel for first time but you can locate it by the 2 wires that come out of it. It's a simple plunger type and on mine I found that the distance it screwed (i.e. no of turns) into the pedal box affected the amount of movement the plunger makes and consequently at what point of pedal travel it operates.

Try undoing the locknut (it should have one) and screwing the switch in one more revolution and also out one more. Hopefully you'll see the difference. Far easier if you have a friend stood at the back of the car to shout out when the lights go on and off.

Incidentally the switches are dirt cheap and a standard type from a motor factor so I'd also buy a new one.




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