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I want to strip the doors on my 88, I'm in Australia, so updating the doors to a later model or using components thereof is not an option.

Whilst they are stripped I plan to spray them, but whilst off, I want to replace the weather seal for the windows, overhaul the winding mechanism, and anything else I might find.

Anyone done this?

Questions like where did the motors for the windows come from, they are both slow, almost non functioning without the engine running, the channels I think are OK, but.

Any prior experiences would useful.

Roger :)

Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it, depends on what you put into it. (Tom Leahrer)

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Thanks for that, but what I am really looking for is info on striping it right out, door locks, windows, window frames, winder motors, everything down to fiberglass moulding of the door.

Roger :devil:

Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it, depends on what you put into it. (Tom Leahrer)

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I have an S2 but with the winders I proved a new direct supply to the doors and put two relays there so the switches only operate the relays. Windows work well even with ignition off.

Can you tell me more, sounds like a good solution to lazy windoes.


Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it, depends on what you put into it. (Tom Leahrer)

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I've done this loads of times.. and I'm in the middle of fitting V8 doors to mine at the moment. (bit of an issue with the window channels though!)

What specifically do you want to know?

The older motors you currently have are Rover ones from ages past. They do get slow. A common fault is for a magnet to come off the inside of them. This happened to me, but I managed to bead blast the inside and glue it back in with araldite. (held it for about 8 years!)

Best bet, make sure the window is at the top of it's travel then put some gaffer tape over the top frame to hold it there. Then you can release the 4 bolts for the winder mechanism and remove it by sliding it off the window channel.

It's torx screw that hold the casing on the motor. Worth having a look in side. You may be able to get someone to change the brushes in it.. and alternator refurb shop may help.

Another source of slow windows is the electrics.

There are loads and loads of connectors and switches between the battery and the window motor.. These can suffer from corrosion.

On the later motors, they had a thick purple wire directly from a positive post going straight to the motor, and then a blue and grey wire just to tell the motor when to go up and down, rather than being directly fed via the switch.

You can replicate this, sort of, by fitting relays to either side of the car. Didn't do this on mine as I just removed loads of connectors and directly soldered the wires.

The windows are also sensitive to being lined up properly with the frames. If you have the motor off, try manual sliding the window up and down with your hand. If it reaches points of resistance, this will slow the motor. You have to fix this by adjusting the angles of the window frame..

Which brings me to the next bit.. the frames..

They changes them at some stage. If you fit later ones, you will need longer captive bolts as the basically use two nuts on a long bolt with the frame inbetween that you then adjust both nuts to change the angle of the frame. It's quite tricky to get right as well, as you have to consider the top of the door sealing properly against the weather strip, as well as allowing the window motors to work properly, and the window actually going back into the frame properly!

It's not a nice job.. and I suspect it'll take you a day to do each door properly. It did me.

the weather strips by the way are really expensive, so you may want to try and save your old ones, if you can get them bead blasted and painted in some decent black rust resistant pain.

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my car is a fair weather beast . . .must be . . .because if it is 75 farenheit or above and the car is warm . . . the windows work like a champ, anything else and they embarrass me at every single toll booth and drive through . . . . sucks . . . . i was going to tackle these while i was doing the interior recolor . . . . need a new window control switch . . .

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