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Following on from my post on Sunday evening (Burned out Esprit, ....), I have had a stroke of luck and found another 1982 S3 N/A []

This one has 65k on the clock and a full service history, all stamped up in the original owners handbook and every MOT Certificate since 1989, proving the mileage.

The body is all original and in good nick (a little bit of crazing here and there, but only minor) and the interior is full [cream] leather, original and also in good nick, as are the carpets.

All of the electrics work, the engine rus like a Swiss watch at tickover and the fans cut in when they should at a shade over 90 degress idicated on the temperature gauge.

So for

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Sounds like a really nice car mate :D

my S3 runs (aparently) cold all the time

sometimes the needle drops off the bottom of the scale, yet still crawls upto 90 when sat for a long time, and then the fans kick in fine....

i dont know what the problem might be, but my car runs and works fine (touch wood) with this happening.... and you can't tell any difference.

I did have a topic on here some time ago where somebody suggested it might be a valve in the cooling system stuck open?

But if you're really worried why dont you get someone to check it out for you?

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Can't remember what mine gets to but fully warmed up the needle is about vertical. In traffic it goes a tad higher then the fans cut in. Been like that for years, seems ok.

I would suggest that if the car runs ok, and inspection shows no leaks, hissing, gurgling etc. then its probably a feature of the sender / gauge combination.

Shame about your last one, I put new seals, pumps etc. in my carbs last year - still check the bottom seals every week though, just in case ..

Buy & enjoy - get the Permagrin back !

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Thanks for your input guys.

The beast is mine; I pick it up on Saturday afternoon.

The first job is to fit some fire extinguishers; one by the drivers seat and two in the boot, closely followed by new fuel lines, because I'd rather lightning didn't strike in the same place twice!

Meantime I'll soon be doing battle with the insurance company over the value of SRD 411Y, my dearly departed and horribly cremated other Esprit; I'll post some piccies soon - not to be viewed by anyone with a weak stomach.

In that regard, Bibs has kindly offered to help with a valuation and I may take him up on that.

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