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How to remove the "Pontiac" Airbag steering wheel

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Hi there,

I've bought a brand new Momo steering whell from Lotus as I planed to change my awfull Pontiac steering wheel with the airbag.

Actually, I've disconnect and remove the center of the steering wheel, I've unscreew the central bolt, but the steering wheel don't want to came out ! Does anyone have a tip to pull the steering wheel without damage the steering column ?


Arghhhhh, its ok, it's now remove, sorry for this question.


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use your knees to pressure up from backside. Than use a soft metal (aluminium, or equal) and a hammer. Hit the steering column spline from front while you pressure the steering wheel from the back.


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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It's the Momo one, without airbag. No adaptor is necessary. I've bought it to Lotus Carts direct (it's only available from Lotus), in their "promotional" list, for 120 GBP. For that price, it is the complete kit, steering whell + boss.

I'll put a picture this evening, I'm at office actually.

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