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Hot start problem..

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Took my Esprit SE Turbo 'out for its first run in 3 months (started first time !) and all was well until I felt a slight hiccup or two after about 30miles.

Didnt think too much of it and so parked up and unloaded. went back out to start it and it wouldnt fire despite turning over quickly. (Battery had been on conditioner so is fine).

Tried a couple of times with no joy (no use of throttle at this stage) then remembered my old Audi Quattro Turbo had a similar issue and lot of throttle would get it going... and indeed it did, pressing throttle 3/4 way down caused it to burst into life. Once started I could see that exhaust looked very rich especially as it just fired up...

Took it for a 5 mile run... all ok but didnt seem to running as sweetly as before the lay up. Parked up and noticed idle was high 1,500 to 2,000.. drove off again and sure enough idle is high. Checked that throttle is closed against stops, and no air leaks I can find....

Parked up again switched off, left 2 minutes and tried to restart with lite or no throttle... no joy, spun ok but no fire. Applied wide throttle and bingo it fired again, bit of black smoke though.... drove home and parked up.

Next day, cold engine, fired up straight away ....

So guys what is it ? Is there an engine temp sensor somewhere that I should be suspecting as it sounds like the ECU thinks the engine is cold all the time and hence is running overrichh ?

Thanks in advance !

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