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absolutley f***ing fuming!


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went to see punky today, nice to get out of house to be honest as i havent been to good lately, had a nice chat and a cuppa, went to leave to come home and found that some cnut has reversed into the front of my car!!!!! by the time i got home the rest of the damaged bumper had come off leaving bloody great holes and craks in it. so tomorrow i have to try and take it off and see what the damage is. so i may need a replacement bumpre. i wouldnt mind but not long agao i took it off and repainted the bloody thing , and that took me ages to do.

i got home with a face like thunder and kelly had to calm me down, gutless barstewerds didnt have the decency to leve a note or anything.

will add piccies tomorrow when i get the thing off, its just the bumper and no body work damage so no worries there, so if anyoines got a front bumpoer going spoare let me know what you want for it please.


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Know how you feel mate (although not Esprit) 12 months ago bought my wife a Honda Accord Estate, 3 years old, silver and spotless. A year on we have a scrape/dent on the passenger offside door and bloody great scrape on the front bumper. Both of these have happened when we have been away from the car in car parks. Makes you feel more than just a bit pi55ed off.

Left my name under sombodys windscreen wiper only last month after I witnessed a 'school mum' in the 4X4 scrape the whole side of an old Fiat Panda then drive off. Sad thing is, I got the impression she never even knew she'ed done it! - still no excuse for crap driving though

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my impreza,bought brand new, 3 years old, only 18K miles, is covered in pipples and dents and its never left in any car park other than a private one I store it in!!!

Does my head in, you do your best and just get shafted, It's never even been machine washed GGGRRRRRRR

and Relax!!!!!!!!!!!

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thats wank, i had some tosser hit my sunbeam alpine several years back then just f*ck off a week after i had it leaded and sprayed new chrome bumber wrecked bonnet and front end. cant stand tossers like that. if they had damaged it at least make appologies and get the insurance sorted. i hit a bmw in a car park waited for the owner and paid cash to have it sorted. good luck finding a bumper

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I just picked up my new Accord Saloon Sport GT and some barstweard has keyed it all down one side! Thats twice now!!

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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Hello Si,

How annoying.

If Lotusbits can't help you out then I bought a spare bumper from ebay a short while back. It was from an HC version of our cars and is currently blue. Not in fabulous condition but in one piece with no cracks, although is does look like the guy used it as a parking aid against a wall a fair few times. I did intend to replace my stress cracked bumper for this one but that was before the mechanical meltdown, bodywork seems fairly low priority at the moment so you can have this for whatever I paid for it.


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well i took the bumper off today and it basically fell apart, the rear wood backing mount has come away from it and will need to be re-glassed on, and as the loose stuff was removed it just got worse and worse. so its basically not worth repairing. so i guess a replacement is in order.

ambrose that hc bumper has different fixings to mine, on the ears and the centre section is also different, so i guess i will leave that one for no, many thakns for the offer though.


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i actually ermm.... gopt o bored today i got some fibre repair stuff and some bondo, and a few other things and had a good practie on the bumper anyway, well its not finished by anymeans but i havent done a bad job i think, however i will still be buying a new bumper come monday. thi one can be a pare or a little leson in fibreglas spot repairs. i will paint it up etc after just to see if it looks ok, i have taken a few pic i will pout them up tomorrow

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well heres all the pics of what i have been doing to the bumper, i dont know if the mods now want to move this to the gcar room or retoration section??

sorry i thought i had pics of the damage but it seems i didnt take them, but it was intensive, heres the bumper all glassed up, pre primed, filled, sealed, and high build primed andwet sanded.



the damage was quite bad!!

heres the next load of high build on ready for wet sanding



and a few coats of profesional tetroyl paint later and itlook ok, but will it all crack when i fit it to the car??/ thats the question



this is my first go at spot fibreglass repairs and it was quite enjoyable, something im going to do more of i think!

anyway if this doesnt work at least i treid something new and bibs ha a solution for me anyway :thumbup:

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"this is my first go at spot fibreglass repairs and it was quite enjoyable, something im going to do more of i think"

I could probably find a couple of things for you to play with. :thumbup: Err....I,

this kind of thing



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