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ECU Power drain

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Just as information: after 4days of not in use, i started the car today -headlight pop up, but it does start (around 12 Volts / and 14.5 with running engine).

If i pull out B2 (ECM power/recirculation pump) , all doors closed and fully armed ECM power/start immobiliser it shows me 17.5 mA steady.

If i pull out relay "a" (water recirculation pump) it drops down to around 16mA .


to name the things if I see them, that's what I call integrity..


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Only prob is you'd have to come here - I dont have any wheels at the moment (2 esprits and none of them work :cheers: hawwww - Lots Of Trouble Usually to do with the bloody owner !)

Today is not good we're working on stuff and I need to go running for a few hrs but tomorrow shouldn't be an issue.

Got all the tools / wiring diagrams here but if you wanna bring your multi meter I'll show you how to fly that as well - we'll try Grahams suggestion too, although it's probably not a good idea taking the ECU out of you wont be able to drive the car :D

Upto you - if you think it's worth the trip then I'll see what I can do, if not I dont mind sitting on the phone one day when your sparky is having a prod as it should be a fairly easy spot - thats the issue, you might make the journey and we'd have it cracked in 5 mins hehe.

Lemme know - PC's on all day and I'm in and out all day.

You have mail :)

I wouldn't expect anyone to drive 50miles to help me lol. After re reading my post, I can see why you might think that's what I meant lol.



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Sure I looked into this when I had a V8, can't remeber why though.........

Basically the ECU calls the relay closed if the car's temperature rises above 105c iirc.

Then the pump runs and it pushes coolant back around the block and the radiators (fans come on too) and this helps controll the runaway temp on the engine.

There is a diverter valve in there and that is operated by a vacuum solenoid located in the passenger rear quater trim - I'm SURE on mine this bit failed and was a tad hot - too long ago to remember the ins and outs.

I have a feeling yours being the GT would have the modificaton done (easy to spot) but it'd be good to isolate this before pointing the finger at the rather expensive ECU !

I wont be around now until next weekend (go back to work on Monday and likely to be out all week) - if thats any good aim for next weekend ?

facebook = [email protected]

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