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Question about best performance upgrades

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Hey folks,

I have decided that I would like to do some mild performance upgrades to my baby and would love any input. My car is a US model 1993 1/2 S3 (we don't need no stinkin' power steering). Right now I believe the only change to the car has been an upgrade to the S4s chip. I find the cars performance acceptable, however a little more grunt would be nice. I have a budget of $7000 and would like some input as to what are the best options for me that improve the cars performance while keeping it reliable ( I have no wish to pick up engine pieces from the road).

Thanks guys, Steve

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With that budget I would be sure to get the car done propperly.

Gas flowing, injectors, chargecooler mods, ignition, exhaust etc which will all compliment a turbo at the end.

I'd put 1/3 of that into a decent braking system as well and tyres.

You could do a lot worse than looking at Dermots page -

If I was tuning my car, I'd do it like this.

You mighthave to start modifying the engine internals as well in order to take the increase in power to make them more reliable - hand and glove type thing.

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Loads of money - as jono says see Dermot's page.

John Welch @WC Engineering will help with turbo and custom chip and braking.

Start with exhaust freeflow and go from there you'd be surprised how much a freeflow system and some mild tuning will do for your performance before the turbo becomes the limiting factor.

Brakes are the achilles though so go for the best e.g., AP 4/6pot. that should do the budget.

Have fun,


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depends on what you are looking for....

the Esprit is pently fast - I would definately upgrade brakes, then look towards bushing and suspension. The few times I have tracked the car - the braking was not up to modern supercar performance - although the acceleration was close. 15yr old bushings and shocks will need tending to.

Lou Senko

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First start with improving air flow.....

Ram air mod, K & N air filter, bypass/blow-off valve, better exhaust - including EBPV spacer.

then the next step would be a better chip...high torque or higher hp by Marcus

Then when obsessuion hits....

Larger Chargecooler, bigger injectors, water injection, bigger turbo, porting/polish intake pieces

Also of course suspension and brakes....duplicate the S4s suspension if possible, poly bushings and springs, new struts. Brembo or AP brakes.

Also getting set up with Freescan is mandatory. To make sure all sensors are in order, and temps look normal.

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Hey Steve,

Your 93 1/2 SE is not an S3 btw...

this is an S3


Power is easy on these cars, stopping is not.

My list is



3)make sure everything is running correctly

4)make sure chargecooler is always working, or go electric

then consider upgrades like

5)turbo +fuel injectors (most likely you want secondaries a little bigger) +better chip.


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