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Can't put it off any longer if I'm going to be on the road again for Donington. The engine is coming out so I can sort the oil leaks, change the cam belt, investigate that smell of fuel, etc, etc. Question is, what is the weight of the engine on it's own? (Need to know so I can hire the right hoist with a long enough reach). I haven't got the headroom to remove the engine and 'box together, as the book says, so I'll drop the 'box first.



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Replacing the cam-belt was one of the first things I had done, but that was in 2002, should be time for a new one by now. As for the smell of fuel, I always thought it could be related to the clear plastic breather line that connects both tanks, but then again, knowing the Esprit, it is probably one or both tanks, although I never did find a fuel leak. Plenty of oil leaks though. Don't know the weight of the engine, best of luck. Hope she gets back on the road soon.


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First of all the engine doesn't need to come out to replace the timing belt. I can do it in a few hours with engine in place, the most time consuming part is draining and refilling/bleeding the coolant.

The cam towers are prone to leaking, and replacing those seals does require removal of the timing belt, but no the engine.

The fuel smell could be many things, none of them requiring engine out.

The engine is under 400lbs, and the transmission is 165lbs.


IMO nearly everything can be removed from the esprit engine bay without removing the engine... Every part of the engine could theoretically be replace while still leaving the block bolted to the chassis.

Now some work might be more difficult that way, but it is possible.


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hijacking the thread so apologies.

Just to say NMEG will be a sortie to Donington so hopefully you can join us. It seems ages since we last saw you.



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Mike - I dont know what your facilities are like, but why will removing the engine and gearbox separately give you additional headroom? (The engine is much taller than the gearbox and the sump lower than the back of the tilted engine/box) - It will also add extra complication to the process.

I recently removed my tanks expecting to find some leaks and there were none! Check the clear plastic balance pipe that runs over the top of the hatch apperture (under the carpet) - Atthough it is resistant to fuel fumes it gets broken down by the carpet fixing evostick, so the visible pipe look absolutely fine but in reality it is shot.

As pointed out, there is no reason to remove engine from the car for 'routine' jobs. The cambelt is easy when you understand the drill.

send me a mail if you get stuck, I live in Westhoughton and am familiar with all the jobs you are currently looking at

To answer you original question - The load of the engine hoist will not be an issue, just make sure its a long reach one

cheers Steve 84 Turbo

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If you do lift the engine out, you need a really long reach on the engine hoist.

I did this to mine, and had to make an extension for it, and have someone stand on the back of it to counterbalance the weight of the engine and box!

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Thanks for all the advice gents. I replaced the breather hose between the filler pipes and the hose to the charcoal can last year. I noticed that the tanks are very rusty, mainly on top where the air trunking leaks water onto them as well as water ingress round the bottom of the glass panels. Also on the undersides where Lotus, in their wisdom, put foam pads which absorb and hold water very well! So I want to take the tanks out and derust and treat them if it's not too late. Has anyone replaced these pads with non-absorbent material, if so, what?

I've got a garage with a ceiling height of 8' 2" (2.5m), but I seem to remember when I removed the engine and 'box from my S3 some years ago I had to tilt it at something like 45 degrees. Also, the crane has to be long reach, which limits the lift capacity at full stretch, hence my request for the engine weight.

I want to change all the belts and the tensioner, renew mountings, sort out various leaks and generally clean up the engine bay. So it will be easier to remove the engine.

Thanks, Graham, look forward to joining you again for the trip to Donington.


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