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guys, and gals (if there are any?)

I'm looking to get into the Esprit thing again but would like a project this time. So I would be interested to hear from anyone who has a cheap car they, are selling, need to off load, had enough of fixing, shafted by and broken and too expensive to fix problem, or simply feel like giving it away! ;-D - anything. It has to be in the UK and be right hand drive but other than that I'm all ears. Written off, salvage, blown up, burnt out, any condition. I'll be interested to hear from you.

Many thanks


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Top Posters In This Topic

I'm still umming and arring over selling my SE (GT2)

Was going to do it up to represent the Lotus Sport 300 racer (Le Mans) to go tracking but I dont think I'll have the time anymore.

All the kit is there including the Magnesio wheels, AP brakes from the Sport 350 and so on.

As soon as I get the GT3 out of the garage (waiting new rad) I can wheel the car in and do an appraisal on it becasue it's sat around for 4 months now, cant remember what there was to do to get it MOT worthy (I know it was not a lot).

facebook = [email protected]

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You might also want to specify in this thread the sort of car you'd like, G, S, the engine type, the approx age, the approx cost etc.

Everybody has a different view of what a project car is, to some that's "it' needs the paintwork cutting back and polishing and a good clean to others, "I'll take it down to every single nut and bolt".


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Anything will be considered really.

I want a good job so something which has alot of work to do on it bodywork or interior trim etc. mechanical is no problem. V8 probably too expensive budget up to 5K but would prefer something around the 1000 - 2000 mark (just missed a perfect one on autotrader at 1650 needing painting and interior but had a recon box, damn) That one suggested above looks ideal but I would want to pay anything over 1500 for that ( I would think the owner has different plans!...

eyes open!

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