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1988 Esprit Turbo

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Does anyone know of or seen this '88 Turbo (pics below) which has been for sale for a while?

I've been told by someone who has allegedly seen it that it has some issues (very high mileage, tailgate catching on roof when opening, strong smell of fuel, signs of respray, poor interior etc...).

I'm finally in a position to purchase another Esprit :thumbup: (although unfortunately not the azure blue S4S I crave!) and was planning to pop along and have a look at this one.

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I certainly wouldn't be put off by high mileage, I did quite a lot of research before buying my 1988 esprit in October (92k miles), and 90k on the clock rather than 30k can mean that it has been used relatively constantly and has less bugs than those that have stood for months/years at a time, apparently.

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From the issues list you mention, only the fuel smell is the one that would mean a fairly immediate spend to rectify.

Or could be the link pipe between the tanks. That rusted on mine, a cheap fix.

Alternatively a cracked fuel breather pipe.

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It always strikes me that the cost difference between a poor esprit and a superb example is ridiculously close and doesn't begin to account for the cost of 'doing one up'. You have spotted a number of potentially expensive problems, It is likely that there are others that are awaiting discovery!

Be very careful that the mis-fitting tailgate is not an indication of significant chassis issues (I have seen examples of cosmetic repairs on bodies masking accident damaged chassis).

Having said all that, maybe you get as much pleasure from fettling a car as driving it, like many of us here!

Good luck with your hunting

cheers Steve

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My Excel has a new stablemate. :)

There are a few jobs to sort but overall no where near as bad as I was expecting.

The fuel breathers have indeed disintegrated causing the strong fuel smell (no leaking tanks. B) ).

At this stage the biggest problem I seem to face is locating some wheel centres and new 'Esprit Turbo' badges for the sides.

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