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I have found a fantastic substance by a company called Wurth. Used it on my S3 and it is perfect it is also black so any overspill matches perfectly and the ends can be finished off with it.

I liked it so much we now use it at work for sealing various things, Can't remember the full name but i will look it up tomorrow and let you know.

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Try one or other of the U-POL range of adhesives.

Recently, I used U-POL 902 on my rear wheel arch trim because two of the six or so fixing bolts had pulled away from the trim. It dries slightly flexible and the colour black sits nicely with the black filler strip.

With the benefit of hindsight, it might have been preferable to have removed the trim and bonded in new bolts. At the time, pragmatism was uppermost. Removing the cured adhesive is not easy so use it sparingly.

U-POL have a website and do a range of adhesives and finishing products.

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Guest Troy Halliday

Thats the kiddy. Get some panel wipe as well so that you can clean up any excess glue.

There are a few photos of the wait band going on my car. Waist band pics

Also here is a little tip......... as you may have noticed the waist band trim is a bit unruly and does not want to go where you put it. Best to have two people for this job. Using a hot air gun/paint stripper gently heat the waist band until it relaxes a bit. Run a bead of the worth inside the waist band channel. Then start pushing it on to the car, holding it in place with some masking tape at frequent intervals. Do not get carried away here work in moderate lengths and take your time. Have plenty of cloth to hand (a couple of kitchen roles will do) and wipe the excess away with the panel wipe.

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