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Heatshield for Boot Relay Box

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I'm wondering if heat is affecting the relays in the relay/fuse box behind the coolant tanks on my '89 SE (maybe my relays are breaking down and causing a few of my problems). I figured Lotus moved them further aft on later models because of heat problems.

Has anyone created a heatshield for this area? I'm thinking of creating one like the turbo heatshield (highly reflective stainless(?) steel with some sort of insulating material behind it)

Not sure whether to bolt it on the back of the relay box... or create a floating one (attached to the side of the tank using the same bolts as the coolant tank assembly.

If you have created one, I'd like to see how you've done it (shape, size, materials used, if you've used insulating washers, etc).



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Had a heatshield made up, but then I realised that hot air is being funneled into the relay box by the engine cover (via the inertia cutout switch access hole)


I've used a rubber grommet to block the hole, and put a small glass window in the centre of the grommet so I can tell if the switch has been tripped or not.

Would there be any harm in blocking off this area... or will this affect the operation of the frequency valves? (I guess some air would leak in/out of the wiring harness cutout in the back of the relay box).




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