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I asked Nick Fulcher for a quote on my Esprit retrimming

I want:

both seats redone

Carpet replaced


Centre Console





Basically all the leather replaced - I currently have the dark magnolia leather and it looks fag stained.

And here is the reply:

As a rough ball park figure we believe that it will cost around

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My leather isn't "bad"

I am just not keen on the colour. I am having the entire car repainted, and wheels, suspension etc all being upgraded so it will look gorgeous :respect:

To match my new happyness with the exterior I was wanting a nice light leather interior. The current (magnolia ?) leather just looks like old cream leather which has been sitting in a smokey pub for 25 years and turned gold

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Then you need not replace it. Some owners on here like Dave Walters (superdavelotus) have completely changed colours. It is possible to go from black to red for instance, not just different shades of the same colour, or you may find the original colour, once restored, is actually quite nice. Ask around and save yourself a packet. I'm sure an expert will be along shortly!

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