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Just tried to sort out my domain name to post a holding page and get my business cards and stuff printed up only to find that my domain provider has cancelled my account. Apparently they sent an email to the wrong address which obviously I didn't get. So I tried to get it all conected back up again. 2 hours later and I am yet to find an English speaking representative of their company. When I ask to spek to their supervisor they hang up. Obviously scared about loosing their job. All I wanted was this issue resolved.

So long story short I have now bought two new domains & .com. I am not sure if I will ever get the old one back again ( back again.

Ho Hum just needed a rant.

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I am not sure if I will ever get the old one back again ( back again.

Troy - you might have a chance of transferring the domain away to another host. As a security measure, all .com domains have a code or password associated with them, and cannot be transferred between hosts/registrars without this code being provided. Normally the customer is not told what this code is until they specifically ask for it, nominally for security purposes but generally to discourage them from transferring to a different hosting service.

Try emailing your previous host (well, it'll give them time to translate your request!) and ask for an EPP code for your domain to allow you to transfer it. They may suddenly wake up and decide that they want to reopen your account, or they may just give you the code. You will need to do this from whatever address they have on file for you - see PM for some further tips :getmecoat:

Ultimately, if this shower wash their hands of you, your only resort would either be to wait for the current hosting to expire (there are services that will 'nab' a domain for you as soon as it becomes free, for a charge), or to approach the netblock owner (Verisign) for .com with as much supporting documentation as you can muster to prove your ownership and to prove that your current host is not willing to assist you with a transfer.

Hope that helps :rolleyes:


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You still own lotusEspritRestorations until June 2008 when it comes up for renewl

here are the details. I have deleated your address and phone number etc

There must be someone on here who can advise you of what to do, I only know a bit about domains etc.

WHOIS information for:


created: 07-Jun-2007

last-changed: 07-Jun-2007

registration-expiration: 07-Jun-2008




registrant-firstname: Troy

registrant-lastname: Halliday




registrant-ccode: GB


registrant-email: [email protected]

admin-c-firstname: Troy

admin-c-lastname: Halliday




admin-c-ccode: GB


admin-c-email: [email protected]

tech-c-firstname: Hostmaster

tech-c-lastname: ONEANDONE

tech-c-organization: 1&1 Internet Ltd.

tech-c-street1: Herschel Street

tech-c-street2: The Nova Building

tech-c-pcode: SL1 1XS

tech-c-city: Slough

tech-c-ccode: GB

tech-c-phone: +44.8708503305

tech-c-fax: +44.1753490444

tech-c-email: [email protected]

bill-c-firstname: Hostmaster

bill-c-lastname: ONEANDONE

bill-c-organization: 1&1 Internet Ltd.

bill-c-street1: Herschel Street

bill-c-street2: The Nova Building

bill-c-pcode: SL1 1XS

bill-c-city: Slough

bill-c-ccode: GB

bill-c-phone: +44.8708503305

bill-c-fax: +44.1753490444

bill-c-email: [email protected]

% See for information about 1&1 Internet AG

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