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Esprit V8 Fluids..


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I am doing a yearly freshen up on the Esprit, and I am looking through the forum for postings that cover all the BEST fluids for the esprit.. and it's not all listed in one post.. So help me out eh? :)

Here is what I know for fact

Transmission Fluid - Redline MT90 GL4

Engine Oil -

Brake Fluid -

Power Steering Fliud -

Engine Coolant -

Battery -

can some of you guys reply to this with the best fluids please? so that I know for future refrence.. and for the rest of us that use the SEARCH option :P


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Hi All,

I prefer

transmission fluid: Castrol TAF-X (nothing else)

engine oil: Castrol RS 10W60

brake fluid: DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 (many types are fine). BTW, dont use DOT 5 because this is silicone-based !!!!!

PS fluid: Dextron III or similar (the red stuff)

engine coolant: Castrol antifreeze (blue)



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I changed all the fluids on me two months ago... here is my list.

Transmission Fluid - Castrol TAF-X

Engine Oil - Mobil1 15w-50

Brake Fluid - Valvoline Synthetic Brake Fluid (Dot 3 &4)

Power Steering Fluid - Valvoline Synthetic Power Steering Fluid

Engine Coolant - Honda long life (Blue Stuff)

I purchased all oil at Wal-Mart, Valvoline stuff at AutoZone and the Antifreeze at the Honda dealership. The local Lotus dealership used the Valvoline products so I wanted to stick with them.


2001 V8


2001 V8 - Silver

2007 Ducati 1098

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FWIW I switched from MT90 to TAF-X (which is next to impossible to obtain in the US and costs a fortune) my gearbox felt like a truck and after two weeks I drained it all out and went back to MT90 - that's how much I thought of TAF-X. I my old S4s had MT90 in it for 7+ years and she still shifts like a dream with her current ower. As always your mileage may vary ....

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Lotus approved castrol for the g-box, just done, feels right. Oil-- Mobil-1 15-50 starts quick with no ticks Coolant-- 25% Lotus approved antifreeze 74% water 1%watterwetter live in FL of US runs cool 82c-99c in hot sticky weather flush yearly.. 100 us octane gas

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I use the following, which in my experience/opinion are the best available fluids:

Transmission - Redline MTL

Engine Oil - Royal Purple 5w40

Brake Fluid - ATE Super Blue

Power Steering - Royal Purple Max EZ

Coolant - Toyota Red Coolant + 1/2 bottle Redline water wetter

Battery - Optima Yellow Top deep cycle.

As to why--

Gearbox seems to like MTL more than anything else I've tried, which is basically everything. Hardly any crunch on a fast 1-2 shift.

RP are the only ones who have a quality synthetic in 5w40, which in my experience is the best overall weight for both startup protection and general (ab)use in turbocharged engines.

ATE Super Blue is simply the best brake fluid made. I've boiled Motul 600 on the track, but not super blue.

RP's PS fluid tends to be the best at preventing foam and keeping pump noise down.

Toyota's red coolant is pretty much the best to be had anywhere. I've run virtually everything in dozens of bikes and cars, from off the shelf Prestone to Evans-- Toyota's sauce is most always a few degrees cooler, especially when flogging it, and tends to have the lowest electrical conductance across several vehicles I've tested, which is important for preventing electrolysis in aluminum radiators.

Optima batteries-- zero maintenance, superb performance, great warranty, flexible mounting options.

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