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fuel tanks?


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Hi all, can anyone tell me if the v8 fuel tanks will fit a stevens '88 carb turbo? Is there any difference in capacity or is it just a shape/height thing.

Many thanks for any help you can offer cheers chris

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Nope as the V8 and later injected 4 pots have internal pumps and yours is external, breathers may also be different too?


I recall a thread talking about Lotus getting the exciting stock of spare tanks rust protected a few years back. I recall a comment that there was someone like 30 different part numbers and therefore variations on the fuel tank through the cars production life. 15 different tanks per side or so I guess...

Jeff H

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Thanks for your help guys, I'll just have to bite the bullet and buy the new tanks. (lol)

Just out of interest, I'm thinking of replacing them with the alloy versions so they dont rust through and so that I can save some weight. I've heard that the originals were lacking in the baffle department, so would a new tank benefit from having better baffles in it? Would it stop the fuel gauge needle flicking around when it gets below half full? If it would help, is it worth the cost as I have been looking into a new fuel sender and gauge which might significantly reduce if not stop the needle movement all together. This gauge mod is looking to be around the

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I had an alloy tank made for my drivers side. (the other one is in the middle of production).

I used yellow baffle foam available from Demon Tweeks, to stop the fuel sloshing around.

That, coupled with a decent VDO fuel level tube, means my fuel gauge never flicks around.

Saved about 4kg per tank making them out of alloy.

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I did have to change the gauge actually.. I used a SPA one that you can calibrate.

I tried the original gauge, and it just sat at 1/2 full all the time.

the SPA gauge has a built in low level warning light, so you don't have to worry about getting a sender with a double output to send a feed to the low fuel level warning light.

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