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Chargecooler Re-fit

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Hi Guys,

Finally pulled my finger out now that its warmed up a bit and Im cracking on to replace my Chargecooler/Aircon rad. I've had a look at the usual locations for a guide as I thought I'd seen one for replacing the rads but now I've come to do this I've not been able to locate any info on it.

So If anyone has a link to a guide that would be great.


I've got all the front underside of the car removed like the ducting and I've managed to remove the six bolts just hidden under the pod lift motors that attaches the radiador / cc rad / aircon rad tray to the underside of the front of the car. I've also removed the front struts going from the chassis to rad tray and the bolts that go through the tray to the rads. so the chargecooler is basic loose inside the rad tray. However the tray still seems solidly attached to the car although I do get some movement out of it. The tray also run over the top of the oil coolers for no apparent good reason.

So how do I get the tray to drop out of the bottom of the car to reveal the rads ? :lol:

Thanks Guys,

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1stly invent some new swear words, it'll help.....

Move the coolers out of the way - I twisted mine after removing a pipe - as far as I can remember the thing should now just drop dowm

I did a lot of mods to the cowling underneath so it went back 100x easier. Make sure all the cowlings are off, can't think of anything else you have missed apart from the oil coolers.

I also found you need 2 people - can be done single handed but it's a barrel of laughs (thats where the swearing comes in handy).

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Thanks for the reply Jon.

I thought I remembered you doing this previously. The oil cooler connections look fairly nasty, I take it Ill have to have a go at the connection on the bottom of the oil coolers?

Then just twist them back and outwards.

Ill give it a go and report back.

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If you can do that by all means, but mine wouldn't rotate anywhere near sufficiently to allow this - but as I say the PO had already replaced the coolers so they had the foresight to put an easy release system in place.

The problem is the cross pipe from one cooler to the other (running inside the front compartment) by rotating the coolers you put this under a lot of stress. If you can loosen the fitting - great, if you cant then this line has to effectivly bow outwards and stretch. On my car it is slightly longer than needed so there is play but the 3 clips had to be removed to allow the coolers to twist - and there was no way I could loosen the fitting.

Breaking the line or breaking the fitting on the cooler is a complete NIGHTMARE situation so for the sake of 1/2 a litre of oil I chose the slightly safer method.

Lastly you want them clear as clear can be - if the rad cowling catches on the cooler you can end up getting back on the phone ordering some new ones up becuase it will likely damage them. This is where the swear words will come in handy as well.

OK check dis - See the attachment :

If it were me I woudl slacken blue off 1st slightly - this will allow the pipes to rotate on the fitting.

Then remove red.

Then you swing them out about 70 degrees.

I also undone the green screws to allow the cross pipe some movement.


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With photoshop skills like that you want to be booking on to a fine art course!

:lol: hawwww, thanks (lol)

One doesn't like to blow ones own trumpet on these sort of things you know :lol:

G'luck with it - as I say you might wanna get 2 people on it as it is deceptivly heavy.

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Thanks for your help Guys, the rads are all out and it was a little easier than I expected. Once the six tray bolts were out and the the two bolts from the A frames from the chassis it took some prizing out, as if it was glued. The oil coolers looked horrible to unbolt and try and rotate so I used a special tool to cut the tray lips over the oil coolers out. I also left the A frame support from the chassis in place to support the rads which allowed me to remove each rad in turn on my own. B)

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