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[Ebay-bot] 1977 LOTUS ESPRIT S1 YELLOW 3.5L Rover V8 restored


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I know of several Rover V8 transplant Lotus Elites, but I don't recall seeing any Esprits with a Rover motor. It almost seems tame next to Hilly's car!

Wonder if the Rover gives much of a speed boost/handling loss?

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IIRC Lotus independent dealer Paul Matty has also done a rover V8 into an Esprit

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When that car was featured in Jeremy Walton's book, it annoyed the heck out of me because Walton described some of its clearly nonoriginal appointments as being original, cementing incorrect information to many readers for years to come. I never referred to his book as the "bible" others claim it to be because of its inaccuracies.

Now let's look at that car today . . . hacked up roof, completely hacked up boot, admittedly below par interior retrim, and an engine change -- and one that does not offer any hp gains on top of that. And the engine is a step down in technology over the original. The placement of the exhaust pipes is insane. That will be a LOT of heat build up under the glass. And I'll bet the owner has fun keeping the rear glass clear with no engine cover and the brake rotors throwing dirt and water everywhere . . . . IMO, if the car were good, the seller would not be dumping it after all of that hard work. I'll bet it has all kinds of issues that are inherent to the modifications. This car is another project in the making for a future restorer. I'll bet this is how Paul Coleman's S1 got to be the way it was when he found it.

The only reason most people put a Rover V8 in an S1/S2 is because they are too cheap, too scared, or too unskilled/uninformed to take care of a 907. It's a false economy.

Well, I don't want to be too negative -- lol :blush: -- someone will buy that car and like it, and may even become a member here! I'm sure some people will appreciate it. :blush:

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Tony K. :)


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