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Does an amplifier, this case alpine, have to be hooked directly to the battery . . . i mean can I pick up the +12 from the cigarette lighter fuse? I mean that thing is like 20 amps . . .surely the amp does not use this . . . or is there another reason to go directly to the battery . . . and the remote I am assuming just gives a signal to turn the unit on from the radio . .

is it because if you connect anywhere but the battery you will amplify the noise on the circuit?

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It's a combination of reasons to go directly to the battery, yes the electrical noise is one, but it also is related to the power drain.

I assume the amp isn't that powerful (my old PG is 1000Watts RMS, so that's a lot of current at 12v), but if the cigarette lighter has a 20 amp fuse, you can power a 240w amp from it, but does that same fuse power anything else? Does that cigarette lighter get used for anything such as phone charger or sat nav? If so you may end up rupturing the fuse. Te next thing is the quality of the connection. the amp will be best if it looses the minimum potential possible, so by putting dedicated wires in, which are large area, OFC cable you should get a better power supply and thus more accurate sound replication from the amp.

In short, runa special cable for power and ground using decent cable with minimal joints.


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I agree with Andy, however if you REALLY don't want to run new wires to your amp you might be able to get away with it. What you need to do is check the fusing on your amp. All new amps will have built in fuses to protect themselves from a dead short. If your amp is internally fused for 20amps you might be okay connecting to the cig lighter. As far as noise if concerned most amps are pretty good at filtering out any noise coming in on the power line. Most of the time if you pick up noise its because your getting high level signals from the engine coupling onto your low lever input lines to the amp that are then getting amplified and sent out to your speakers. Finally, yes the remote line just has to be a ignition live 12V+ line so that the amp only comes on either when you turn on the car or when you turn on the radio.

Good Luck!


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