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simon gleave

ECU fault

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Getting somewhere with my engine running problem. I posted a question a month or so ago asking about engine management light and high tickover.

My car did start to have a lack of power sometimes also. You could over take flat out in 3rd then go to 4th and the car looses power! Anyway Matty's had it back after the C service and seemed to sort it.

That was 12 months ago and it seems to being doing the same. Took it to Nick Whales and Paul found the engine fault code to give a fault in the ECU. Or it could be the DI Diode? Anyway they say a new ECU is not available and it needs to be put on a rolling road to simulate the problem and see what the ECU does.

Went to a guy in Shrewsbury and we couldn't find a setting to read the ECU on his equipment.

Questions. What make is the ECU? Could i get it recon'd ? Does the upgrade to the s4s chip just plug in? As you can tell i dont know anything about this stuff!!

I hope this may cure the high tickover although it doesn't seem to be too bad a the mo...........

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Hi Simon

I had a similar problem 2 years ago and I was getting intermittent engine light coming on and fault (code 26) I think.

Well after numerous trips to garage and no cure I decided to trace the fault myself. In the end it turned out to be the engine warning light its self and a lose conection. From what I gather if there is a lose connection in this circuit it can give some strange results causing the car to run in safe mode and causing the revs to run at approx 1800 revs.

I'll probably get a load of people say it can't possibly be but my car has run spot on since sorting this out with no troubles what so ever. Even when I changed my IAC controller, and my TPS the symptoms remained so it might be worth a look.

Hope this helps.

You may even find my thread on here somewhere.


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thanks wayne. it seems sometimes its better to do it yourself!! i dont seem to get the engine running in 'safe' mode, however there is a bad connection to the plug that is under the grove box when they try and read the fault codes. i think the code was 25. i wwill go and find the workshop manual and see if it tells me anything.........

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