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Help Required with 89 SE Gearchange Adjustment

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As Sparky said only adjust as book.      A spongy feel on the clutch is one of two things. Hydraulics or clamp release loading.  If the hydraulics are all new, just check all the air is out , This is most cases can not be fully achieved with the slave in place..  best left hanging to bleed ..  If hydraulics not new , when fitting new clutch , why not.. they are cheap and prone to wear and failure so a service part really..   So with new proper bled hydraulics if still spongy you need to consider the pressure cover fitted.  Is it quality,  what is the specified clamp and release load and does it conform . Some  after market covers have  different feel due to release spring set up and will feel different .. If all the figures conform you may need to feel it in a do some testing.. it may settle down after a few miles putting heat into the pressure plate its self..  What i mean by this is , there is a steel backing within the plates that acts like a small spring , this is there to make the clutch a bit more compliant on engagement, this can settle a tad after initial fitting.. ..  Pleased the inhibitor block adjustment solved your selector problem..   As I said it is a ''feely'' thing that sometimes is needed, that is not in the book ...       

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Ok, thanks. I’ll see what’s specified in the manual for the length of the adjuster.

The clutch is a new one and the flywheel was resurfaced while out, so there may be different clearances of things now.

I was very careful when refitting the flywheel and clutch to make sure everything was lined up correctly and the bolts were all torqued up exactly as per the manual, in a gradual way like when you tighten up head bolts.

The hydraulics haven’t been touched yet but I do intend to change the fluid in the clutch system in the next few weeks once it’s running again.

I’ll check it again and see what it feels like. Cheers. 


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