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Clutch feels odd

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I recently got a 2000 V8-GT with 15,000 miles on it. The cars drives great except the clutch doesn't feel quite right. It does not start engaging until the pedal is almost fully released (high pedal) and just as it starts to engage you can feel a slight shudder. It almost acts like a slightly warped pressure plate or an abused clutch disc.

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It's not a massive job getting at the clutch on a V8, off the top of my head;

1. remove exhaust

2. drain gearbox oil

3. Pop drive shafts

4. Remove cross member

5. remove gear linkages

6. unbolt gear box mounts and bolts connecting box to engine

Then slide off the back. The box will need to be removed from the car, but once realeased is easily lifted out the top or dragged from underneath. Once you've done it once a single person can have the box out in about 2 hours :(

Hey, can anyone smell fuel?????

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Re your clight clutch judder, you may have started the job by now but just to say that I also have judder, particularely when I pull away very gentry. A bit more vigour with the revs and it is smoother. I am however aware (have been told) that at the end of its life the twin plate design (therefore not like most cars) does tend to behave a bit like this. My car has done 30k miles clutch never been changed.

Cheers B

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I've only had my '99 for a few weeks now, and as a "Newbie" probably have no buisness adding my "two bits" worth. Having said that, my milage is still well under 17,000 and my clutch also engages at the last bit of travel ("high"). No significant "judder". I have read as many "road tests" as I could get my hands on, and one of them actually stated that the clutch engaged "late and hard" (direct quote), and that "smooth starts from stop were a challenge". Maybe that's just the nature of the beast for these cars (and the twin plate clutch in particular?). It does, for me at least, take some getting used to, but otherwise I find the overall engagement to be smoother than expected (with practice of course). Lotus vehicles have a reputation for demanding "focus" to be driven well. I suppose that's why we buy them.



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