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Leaking radiator #2

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Just done some warm up tests on the car, used neat water for the time being - topped everything up, breifly bled the air (sounds as if it could use more tbh).

Noticed a leak from the underside, one of the holes in the left side (UK passenger) is dripping about once every minute.

Hmmmmm thinks I

Ran it up to ~ 100 degrees (freescan) - fans kicked in at 92 but didn't really help (as I think there is some air left in there) both hoses are nice and hot so I know there is circulation, no change in drip frequency, water wasn't hot either - at that pressure and temp I would expect to see steam there but just water.

Finaly pulled the chargecooler pipes and let them drain totally - again it's still dripping away at a stead but ever so slowly place.

I can only think it is the radiator, I did wash the car about 4 days ago but I doubt there is any water locked in a slow leak there.....

Just seems wierd - last thign I need right now is a legal rant to get that rad back out and re-fixed...I would have though the new rad had been pressure tested.......surely ??!?!?!?

Any other clues ?

Oh and it's not a leaking washer bottle - it's pure water...

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I think all you can do is get it back in the air and drop the panel again to have a sniff around. :thumbup:

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had the samething recently check the drains in the light pods are not blocked if they are they hold about 2 gallons and it drips out over time

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LOL BINGO - (happy days - happy days....)

Just been out there with the old geeeza and poked me finger up the leaking hole - full of sawdust....errr the car was covered in sawdust when I washed it hehehehe :lol:

Just chucked water down the Pas side gulley and it's not draining - lo, the pod is FULL of water !! hahaha, like a little pond in there !

Really really happy :fun:

Just had nightmares about the rad leaking - phew, feel like a right idiot but I dont really care !

Thanks for the correct diagnosis :thumbup:

1999 has just come on radio so I'm off to jump around and stuff !

cha'mon ^_^


EDIT - it gets better !

Seems the blockage was only part to do with the dirt on the car, the real culprit was the SCREWDRIVER I lost about 6 months ago laying over the drain hole :rofl:

Been driving me nuts where that thing had gone to, looked everywhere for it because it ws part of a really nice set.

When you're hot, you're hot !


Edited by Jonathan

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