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I'm planning on replacing the rear tires on my 95 S4s, since they are not the same brand as the new fronts that were on it when I purchased the car last spring. The manual calls for 245/45 17's and that is what I currently have. The rim width is 8.5", which is well in the range that is called for of 7.5" to 9". That tire has an overall diameter of 25.68", and has a section width of 9.6". I was toying with the idea of going to a 255/40 17 to give the same 40 profile on front and back, and also a little bit wider tire on the rear. The overall diameter of this tire is 25.03", so the car would set only a 1/4" lower to the ground. The recommended rim width is 8.5" to 10", so that would put my rims on the edge of that requirement. The section width of the tire would increase to 10.03", so a little less than a 1/2" wider. Does any one have any thoughts on this, or is currently running this new size? Thanks for any input.

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This will have a minimal effect on your speedometer since the overall diameter will be slightly different. The tire will be wider and give you a slightly better grip but overall but it won't make a difference either way, you'll be fine with a wider tire on there.


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Thanks for your opinion Artie, I'm pretty sure the 40 series will work fine. I still have the car in winter storage, but I'll get some measurements for clearance before I make the switch. The way things are going in N.E. Ohio, maybe I should buy some snow tires instead.

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~3% difference in speedo

Someone like me may notice that the car seems to be leaning back a bit... but most won't

I have seen an SE with V8 wheels, that had 285/30-18's in the rear I think (Htown?) And it was noticable how much smaller the rears were than stock. The car seemed to be leaning, and had a huge fender gap.


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The 3% error might be a good thing. I'll actually be going a couple of MPH slower than the speedo shows and that could be the difference in ticket or no ticket. Since the overall diameter of the new size is only .6" smaller, I'm hoping it won't be noticebly different in appearance in the opening or make the car too low.

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