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Here's a link to a very interesting Australian report about the use of HC regrigerants in cars, it's worth a read if you can find the time.

Certainly in NSW it is legal for Air-con technicians to install Hychil HR12, and it's the only regrigerant which can be purchased by the general public without a license. I havn't looked into how the other Australian states view the use of HC's, but I imagine they will all be different as they always disagree on everything. :)

Anyway, after lots of reading up on the pro's and con's I decided to use R290/R600 and it works very well. I won't be converting my engine to run on the stuff though, like 400,000 other Aussies have done !

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I read the paper referenced in your link and there is quite a bit of interesting info there.

I couldn't help but notice that they do state that the possibility of an explosion in the passenger compartment does exist but the results wouldn't be too catastrophic, probably just blow out the windows and first degree burns for the occupants. :)

I agree the odds are slight and it would take a perfect storm of events to occur for an explosion, but I've already used up too many of my chances doing other stupid things... :D

1995 S4s

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I was going to use Hychil HR12, I'm told I need "fittings"? anyone know what fittings and how much?


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Hi Roger

It depends on what fittings you have to start with i guess. Do you have the pressure gauges and hoses ? if so you need a fitting that goes from the SAE union on the yellow hose to the fitting on top of the gas can - and that fitting depends on which gas cannister you buy. I'm happy to loan you the hardware for a few weeks if you like, I'm off to England next week and you are welcome to borrow them whilst I am away. Call or email me if you want to arrange something and I'll post them up.

Too many Toys are never enough !

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