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Hello everyone,

I have a 1985 Esprit and I'm hoping someone can either help or point me to the right way.

I still have the original sunroof, but I also have another one made from Carbon-fibre, cut to fit, holes already drilled, much muuuchhhh darker tint than the original as our "Aussie sun" is much brighter and hotter than other countries. Plus the sunroof weighs about 100kg lighter than the original.

So what I am after is : Another set of window clamps/clips/brackets (whatever you call em) to put on my other sunroof. This would then allow me to simply change sunroofs when weather permits.

I do not want to alter or dissassemble anything on the original sunroof.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

P.S. I am not a great expert when it comes to computers/PC.

What is the quickest and or user friendly way to allow me to attach photo's?

Most of my photo's are a minimum of 2Mb and much higher. Here it only allows 1000kb in size.

So any help with what to do would also be appreciated.

Thankyou kindly, Graeme.

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Head over to That's the easiest way to post pictures. Basically, they allow you to upload pictures to their site then you can link them to you forums posts. The way you link them to the post is, from photobucket you will get a link for your image then when you are posting in the forums there are buttons along the top of the window (b,i,u,an arrow, picture, smilie,etc) click the picture button then paste the image link there. Viola!

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Graeme do the tongues at the front. There is a guide on the LEW website as replacving them as they get worn here

Not sure about the back jobbie? Sj may have them or Lotusbits secondhand?



"Belief is the enemy of knowing" - Crrow777

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