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What shade of black

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My S1 body shell has just been painted white and the painter is about to paint the black parts on the shell. Please could you tell me what the blacked out areas should be on the car, so far I have: behind the rear side windows, door inners, just inside the rear tailgate area, below the windscreen , the under side of bonnet and under side of rear hatch oh and where the spare wheel sits. Are there any more places i've missed ?

Also should the rear bumper and front rad housing be the same black as the rest ?

Also please could you tell me what shade of black ?

Is there a paint code ?



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Also around the door openings themselves - under the rubber. All the plastic bits possibly (depending upon how original you want it to be). The rad housing and rear bumper are the same black - a crappy wishy washy black that was used by the gallon by most UK car manufacturers during the 70s particularly Jaguar (I'd go for semi gloss but that's probably a matter of personal taste to some degree and depends upon whether you want to see your face in it).

Also, all the metal bits eg handbrake lever, seat belt mounting bar, bonnet release bar etc etc were also painted with the same black. And if you really want to go for originality don't use a primer - that way it will flake off in a couple of years :)

Cheers, Paul.

Edited by Paul Coleman

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