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Standard or Add ons to esprit

Guest Antiques

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Mine's pretty standard. A previous owner changed the colour and moulded in some rear view mirrors at the bottom of the A-posts. I've added braided steel brake hoses and I think that's it. Mods I would add would be one-touch window control, central locking and relays for the lights, washers and wipers.

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I think 'unmolested' is a bit 'strong'.

Where are my Goodyear Eagle Tyres for my SE rims?...err sorry we don't make them anymore!

Bring back the good old days...


Most purists are talking sh&t. IMO

To keep 20+ year old cars on the road you need to move it along from how it left the factory.

Karl your car is stunning and so is an original S1. Dave Walters' car is beautiful.

Long live the Esprit however and in whatever format and at any stage of modification I say.

2009 World Singstar Champion

No I don't like the Europa, Evora or Exos.

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Mine has been molested like a 10yr. old alter boy. But I did'nt do it. And I didn't know any better at the time. I have an HC engine, with carbs, no cat. duel exhaust, cabin adjustable waste gate, wider rubber, spax adjustables, chromed factory wheels, SE seats, aluminum pedals, and up graded good times, and a JPS decal and a union jack. I would have like it to be original. What the hell, it runs like a striped ape, and looks good. At least now I won't feel guilty about innercooler and BOV I have bought to install.



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I think replacing worn out parts with improved/upgraded versions makes very good sense.

Only personal choice, but I happen to love the SE details and whilst I like the Thompson 'updates' I don't like them enough to swap everything below the waterline. I like the round lights conversion too, but not enough.

Edited to add: But if we went though a hedge and I HAD to replace bumpers, sills and rear lights, I'd certainly consider the later bits

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"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming: "Wow, what a ride!!"

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bibs you muppet lol - the only reason ppl dont mind is becuase of my greatness LMAO and i have educated the masses bahahaha

(dont you remember when i first did it, i was getting hate emails and slated, but ppl see it and they change there mind a little as its not that chopped up, even though every panel is altered)

each to there own as ppl are saying, i love to see a really clean orginal car also. i can appreciate all kinds of cars and there mods/no mods.

"but death to all non GT3 owners also, you know its the ONLY esprit to own" (apart from the s350 i suppose at a push) LMAO

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Just yesterday I received my 2003 door sill protectors and shift knob from Lotus. I'm adding these as I want to protect the paint and my shifter coming apart. I recently upgraded to Spax shocks because the old ones were shot and, unlike Lotus replacement units, the Spax ones offer both ride height and rebound adjustibility (they are also half the price!). I've also added a carbon fiber front splitter, primarily for looks. Oh yes, and I went with wider rubber when I recently replaced the tires.

Future upgrades include BOV's, de-cat, and performance exhaust.

My only constraint is that I won't do anything to the car that cannot easily be undone.

Russ, when time permits can you post a pic of the door sill protectors. I was originally hoping to procure a set of Alan Patterson's sills, but he no longer ships internationally. I've heard that the Lotus sills don't cover quite as much area (although I'm sure they're sufficient, and in any case, some coverage is better than none). Thanks.


Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.

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'Nuff said.

(disclaimer: not responsible for neck injuries, pain, or "cricks" caused by inability of picture software to upload "rotated" shots)

Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.

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Well if your like me, i do put extras on my Esprit (quite a few al together ^_^ ) but i do this just to give my car that bit of an extra look that i like. But whilst doing this i don`t chop or cut anything on the car. I have kept all original parts and these are all cleaned, rebuilt and stored away so as i can rebuild the car back to standard in about 5 years or so (once i`ve had a good chance to enjoy this wonderful machine to it`s full potencial) which as off yet i have not, cause i`m always taking her apart in one way or another, but heyho this is the last year of that, and then let the enjoyment begin complete with mods.

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