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GT3 Wheels what are they worth realistically?

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I have just upgraded to the monoblock alloys on my S4.

Do you think I should keep the original wheels for the car or sell them? If so what would be a realistic price for them with two new rears and two fronts with 5mm + tread. (Toyo proxys) they do have a few dings by the way.


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There were a lot of greedy scumbags farsighted entrepreneurs who bought up the wheels in the Lotus sale with the intention of selling them on a bit later for a profit. I don't know how much they got for them but they were usually advertised for triple the sale price. If yours have tyres I would say

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I'd say they wouldn't be worth much. Although i think keeping them might be prudent as a spare set for when you clean, transport, etc


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mr vtec had yset and the tyres were brand new so 400 squid is about right I have another set no tyres and need refurb to flog this year at some stage they will be cheaperer

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Wayne can you send me an email to [email protected] Very interested in your wheels but i can't pm you as there seems to be a problem with the forum atm. Any chance you could send me a pic or two of the dings and where abouts in the country are you? I'm due to leave the country on wednesday for 2 weeks so hopefully you can get back to me before then.


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