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1990 esprit

air bag and steering wheel replacement

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Well, I did it. After buying my 1990 Esprit over a year ago, I finally went out to a track day with it to get my first experience on a track. All went great for 2 laps, then as I exited a sharp turn headed towards the back straightaway and punched the gas, the tail got loose on me sending me sliding towards the tire wall. Fortunately, there was no sharp impact, just some rubbing, but I did manage to ignite my airbag. The suggestion at the track was to replace the steering wheel with a Momo instead of replacing the airbag. So, my questions to the forum are;

- it is OK to lose the originality and go to an aftermarket steering wheel? If so, does anyone have a recommendation on where and what to get?


- is there a good place to find a replacement airbag and sensor? How difficult is the install? Is there a cross-reference from a GM part? Talan said that these are from early '90's Trans-Am's and I could get a GM replacement, has anyone done this?

I want to get back to driving it regularly, but it looks wounded with electrical tape holding the airbag in the wheel!

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Dave I installed a RAID airbag wheel from Germany. It looks SWEET, but it cost $$$$$. However, I just so happen to have my old 1990 SE wheel AND airbag if you would like it. PM me if you interested! :smoke:



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