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meaning of cars names


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Whilst driving along the other day, my 76 yr old mother asked me if LOTUS means "loads of trouble usually serious" :P what does ferrari stand for. Hhhhmmmmm thinks I, I couldn,t use the first word that came to mind, :P , not with my mother sat next to me. Its a shame they didn,t call their car ALOCB, then it could mean "a load of cheating buggers", or RTTOOPWDGOW, regularly throw teddy out of pram when dont get own way. :D

So what does it stand for ?????????????????.

Then we moved on to LAMBORGHINI, we had great fun with this one, lusious, animal, mean bugger on road, gorgeous hore, (daughters spelling not mine), instant narcotic ixperience (I know its not spealt like that but I couldn,t think of anything else) . :D:(:o

Any other ideas ??????????????????????????????

lady esprit drivers do it fast and furious

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Lisa - not sure if you're looking for a sensible explanation - so here goes.

Ferrari was founded by a bloke called Tommy Ferrari, an ice-cream manufacturer from Milan who did a raspberry ripple called a Maranello. That's where THAT name came from, and how the town of Retreato in Northern Italy came to be renamed after the war...

Larry Lambo was a dance band leader from the East End of London. His girlfriend was called Ghini (Jeannie). He was famous for doing covers of Glenn Miller songs (Wind Beneath My Wings etc) but had a German trumpeter who couldn't keep (musical) time. Larry kept telling him "Hans, you have to COUNT...1..2..3..4". Hans (in common with many Germans) didn't like being told what to do and often retorted "Count - ACH". Again, we can see where the car and manufacturer names came from.

LOTUS came from a conversation Colin Chapman had with God. Colin told God he fancied building an Austin 7 Special, and God told him to think bigger. He said "one day you'll build something worthy of the Holy Spirit itself, it will be called a Lotus, shaped a bit like a wedge and it will be good, and mine light shall shine upon thy disciples".

All COMPLETELY true too....

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