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My road report


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OK so I got the S4 a couple of weeks ago, then went on me jollies and got back this morning.........So I've only driven it on the motorway so far.

Whilst I've been away the car has been in for a C service and a general going over with a fine tooth combe to make sure all is tickety boo......pleased to report that it is.

Anyway, get a phone call from me business partner informing me that he's off for a run up the cat & fiddle road (S2 exige), so off I go for a blast.

Now having driven his old S2 elise and now the exige, I was expecting the esprit to struggle in 2 areas......the exige is superb and amazingly quick turning in and is superbly settled when changing direction.

I was gobsmacked to find how planted the front end was on my car and how you can rush up to a turn, brake, then just throw it in......the front end tracks superbly.

We used to club race bikes many moons ago, so my mate's pretty handy behind the wheel and it wasnt long before he was a couple of corners ahead........the exige carries more corner speed than mine, but as this was my first time out, I'm hoping that more confidence will bridge the gap a little next time.

I'm sure that when we get out to do a track day, the exige will show me a clean pair of heals........nonetheless I'm really pleased with my car......although the shopping list is growing.

What I really struggle with is gear change......can anything be done to make it shorter and more precise?

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Often when a change is shortened for quicker action the feel for "mechanical sympatico" is lost and other more serious problems can develop. Given the fragility of the Esprit box I'd be reluctant to shorten the movement. Rather practise, get smoother and don't worry about it being a little slower than you'd like. Just make sure all the links aren't worn or out of adjustment.

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What I really struggle with is gear change......can anything be done to make it shorter and more precise?



Great to hear you've had a chance to enjoy your S4. I put my S4 in to be checked over when I bought it and sort out any problems. However, mine took 2 months several huge wads of cash to get it put right. So well done on your purchase.

I suppose the gear shift depends what you are used to. I would say my S4 has a tiny short shift and considering this, its fairly precise given that our gearbox and shift isnt know to be great anyway. Its taken about 300 miles or so to get used to it and to have confidence quick shift and not crunch any gears.

My biggest problem was that the lift reverse gate block had broken meaning that it was a really nightmare to find first or second from neutral. I fixed this myself and its been pretty spot on from there.

So yes it is possible to tighten up the shift, but I had this done as part of my massive service when I first got the car. There are plenty of people on hear who will be able to offer advice or guides.

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