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The View Out the Back


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The rear-view mirror on my car is mounted on a kind of plastic stalk, it doesn't actually touch the windshield. It's got a little rubber bumper in case it touched the windshield, but it doesn't. Whenever the motor is running, the mirror is jittering up and down on the end of its stalk -- surely that's not how it's supposed to work?

The view through the narrow back glass -- with the spoiler right there -- is bad enough already, without even considering the mirror jitters.

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They all do that. probably worse on your car with the powerful engine. not sure of the best solution,  but an elastic shock mount would work.




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Who cares what's behind you? By the time you see it it's history and several hundred yards away, brrrrrm :angry:

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Who cares what's behind you? By the time you see it it's history and several hundred yards away, brrrrrm :lol:


Then there's this blue flashing light ? :lol::angry:


Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed. : Albert Einstein

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Sorry for resurrecting an old subject, but I've got a 1990 Esprit SE and my rear view mirror just broke off. (I guess that stops it from jittering all the time!) The metal broke at the base where it screws in to the roof. However, when I attempted to unscrew the two screws which hold the base to the roof, the screws just spin. The base is somehow firmly attached to the roof, and the screws won't come out. Does the base have hooks or something? Has anyone ever removed their mirror? Any suggestions on repair or where to get a new mirror?



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Hi Dan - Mine did exactly the same thing and a bit of a bastard to sort out...

Reason it broke was because of vibration, and the reason the screws keep turning is because they have non captive little 6mm nuts holding them in.

Not the same model as yours (mine was an 84 Turbo with a glass roof) and was a while back, but here goes...

Unscrew the trim panel screws (4x I think)

If you have a glass sunroof, take it out completely.

Remove the sunroof rubber seal at the front.

CAREFULLY Pull back the material that's glued to the flange and with a bit of gentle persuasion you might just get your hand in with a spanner to hold the nuts while you unscrew the little bastards.

If you luck out and need to take the panel off completely... (Like I did),

Unscrew and remove sunvisors

Remove trim panels on the sides of the windscreen

Remove interior trim panels above doors (these are screwed in and have spring clips - pull gently)

Watch the wiring for the clock if it's there on the later models too.

I fixed mine with a good blob of Pratley Steel and a small piece of steel on the inside plate to reinforce it.

Refitting is the reverse of removal as the repair books say. - Hope this helps :rant:

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I can echo Mark's reply. The same thing happened to mine and my repair was essentially the same. A small piece of aluminium plate scewed and epoxied onto the inside of the broken mirror stalk to refix it to the plate. Finding out how to get to the nuts behind the trim was the main trick. The mirror stalk actually has thin sections to deliberately weaken it at the join to its securing plate. Presumably this is some safety feature to let it break off in case of an accident. After a long time and lots of vibration the unit tends to break at these points.



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Mine was wobbly when I got the car and then eventually broke off. I got a replacement from SJ, who said they all tend to break after about 13-14 years.

I managed to replace it by just lowering the front of the roof trim after unding the screws under the sun visors. This gave just enough access to be able to get to the nuts from the front. No need to touch the sun roof seals.

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