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strange overheating problem...

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I have a problem with my SE. The temperture is all over the place, 86 degrees for a while then all of a sudden it rockets up to 110 . I thought it was the thermostat, however I changed it and the same thing is happening. I know it's not the radiator, the fins are clean and the radiator was recored 2000 miles ago. When the car started overheating I checked the hoses going into the radiator, the intake hoses are very hot and the output side is just warm. There seems to be no telling when the car will overheat, sometimes it is at idle other times while highway driving but when it starts to go it heats up very quickly. The only thing tht I can think of is the water pump, however every time I have seen a water pump fail it is usually a total failure not intermittent and usually signalled by a water leak from the housing. I would love some help before I start to guess.

Thanks, Steve

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My vote's for the pump. Had a similar problem with mine years ago.

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Have you also confirmed it with freescan ?

My GT3 has an 'all over the place' temp sensor - I cleaned to contacts up and it got a little better but when you look at freescan it's as clean as a whistle. Mine also has a tendancy to jump but I haven't been able to nail the issue down.

What I plan to do this year is fit a digital gauge in there and take the reading from the ECU, afterall that is the one that matters - the dashboard one is a seperate signal (again at least it is on the SE and the GT3 I have got)

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Make sure ALL the fans are on and at equal speeds. One or two fans not up to par can cause an overheat. You might want to get underneath and watch when the fans kick on....see if they spin freely with little resistance when the car is off.

You might not have a fan fail light....not sure with your year as it is a transition one to the may have been deleted on yours if it has the S4 harness.

Are you purging coolant (have you checked the header bottle level) and the purge container in the trunk?

Also, you did put a Lotus thermostat in from one of the reputable suppliers......right? Because many have had problems with certain aftermarket replacements.....also did you make sure to get the alignment right on the install, as it is supposed to be in a certain way (I presume to prevent air locks)

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