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help need please wastegate and heater

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hi guys i new to this site so go easy on me please.

i have been rebuilding a 84 turbo for aboout a year no and its nearly done. just a couple of things to finish. firstly does anyone have a wiring diagram for the heater fan switch. I have 5 wires and 5 terminals, i personally dont fancy doing the maths but the chances of me getting it right on a guess must be hugh. a wiring diagram would be a huge help.

second point, my waste gate has corroded iinto a hugh lump or rust. i have been told you can obtain a repair kit for this but the kit doesnt seem to contain enough parts to rebuild what i need. can anyone suggest a solution. i have contacted Bailey the waste gate/turbo makers and they have said they cannot help so i at a dead end with it. i have also been told that a new waste gate would cost around

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im afraid there are no new wastegates at all, the last brand new one was bought by dodgy at the lotus sale a while ago. i stripped and rebuilt mine several times now and its just had a nice new diaphram fitted with new separatoe gaskets as well.

do me a favour and take some pictures and post them here forme to look at, if your stuck, send it to me and i will strip it for you and get it all cleaned up if thats any help to you, im an old hand at them now, and if the 4 bolts that hold it all together are corroded i can get them taken out and the threads re-tapped again. the offers there if you need it.


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Try Pete at PNM Engineering. He may be able to help or maybe Mike at

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i know mike at lotus bits doesnt have any as i was talking to him about some at donnington, i did mention it to pete but it wasnt likely.

the reason i want one of for the bottom cup i was looking at getting one made out of aluminium again, same as the original but with scallops in the underside to put rivnuts into instead of it being threaded it will stop the threads being stripped if over tightened accidently.

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If your wastegate adaptor manifold is ok, and if you not absolutely have to keep it original, you can buy a turbonetics evolution wastegate as i did. I found it on Ebay for a good price. I had to do this midification because the wastegate valveseat was corroded and fell off. The new wastegate fits into the holes wich is in the adaptor. You the have to block off the old outlet and slightly modify your exhaust system to fit. This will save you some money, and you will get a more modern design wastegate.


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If you need yours rebuilding like new then contact PNM on 0151 630 6101. They have all the parts remanufactured. Pistons and other bits have been made in stainless I think. They do look impressive when they are finished.

Lead in time needs to be considered as they are very busy at the mo.


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