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Currently removing all of the bits prior to taking out the engine on my 84 S3 turbo.

A couple of tools light in my collection and before investing wanted to check.

Oil cooler pipes - the unions look like they are 28mm but is it an imperial size? Typically I've a 27mm and a 30mm but no 28!

Drive shafts - 8mm hex bit? or is it one of those 12 spline things? - cant really see.

Advice from all you 'old hands' is much appreciated.

Oh by the way - following an earlier post re my frustrations I found out what an apparant vacuum pipe was that was not attached - I realised that it was a cut down choke cable outer - having gone to disconnect the choke and finding it was not attached. Hopefully still available from Lotus but is it perhaps common to another (cheaper!) car?

Thanks in advance


(not quite so depressed as the exhaust came off with only one broken stud and a sheared bot and some grazed knuckles.

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I remember using a 28mm on the oil cooler (and 32mm I think on the other end near the sandwich plate), but I guess it's something like 1 1/16th.

I thought the drive shaft are 6mm hex cups.

Choke? who needs one? Although you might need one if you've got a non-standard air filter system with foam filters. The last thing you want is fuel being sprayed outwards and them catching alight due to using the 3 pumps and turn it over method of cold start.

If it's not available from Lotus a generic cable should do, just one where you can attach a nipple at the end, or has one pre-fitted.


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Drive shafts are hex - at least 8mm, maybe bigger? I use a good quality allen key, cut to length with an angle grinder and turned by a small socket - it means you can make it as short as possible to avoid any flexing under torque (Those bolts are usually tight!)

The oil cooler pipes will possibly be BSP? Cant you just remove the filter and lift the oil cooler adaptor away from the engine? i.e I have removed the engine several times without disturbing oill pipe unions.

cheers Steve

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So removing the oil filter will mean I can remove the whole assembly

nice idea re allen key - torque twist/flex is always a problen with these type of bolts.



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