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Serious question, I bought the car last year in the UK an 88 stevens, nice, the paint was faded but not too bad.

Here I'm guessing, ex factory, the top coat is laquer, clear. It had started to bubble, not too bad. Since being resedent here it's got really bad. I'm up for a respray. Unless someone has a majical formula for getting back down to the paint, and not the gelcoat.

Or any sugestions on prepairing it for respray, I'm fanatical, it needs to be right! and I need to look at it and not know it is not original paint. (even if it's only two weeks old)


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Hi Roger. IIRC the paint is an ICI two pack. If that is the case, then I had the same issue on my S3. The laquer delaminates and starts to lift and flake off.

Looks like a horrible rash.

If you want it gone, get a good quality respray. There is nothing to be done and it will only get worse.

Dont take this as gospel. Its just what I experienced with my own.

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I agree with Rocket.

My first excel had the same issue, I flattened it back to the original colour coat with P180 paper on a Dual Action sander.

removed all the bits (headlights, spoiler, bumpers, mirrors, capping rails etc) , got it all ready to paint, had it sprayed, then hand finished it using 200 grit paper and soap, finished with an electric polisher. It looked great and cost me the grand sum of.....

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the wonders of modern technology!!.

frosts do a real good paint stripper thats specially for fibreglass and grp car bodies, big plastick canister and a free spray bottle for it, its not overly expensive and does its job very well.


Item Code


Product Name

POR-Strip (946ml) - Paint Remover

Product Description

POR Strip removes any coating from any surface, will not damage glass, chrome, aluminium or Factory Fiberglass. The chemical resistant spray bottle provided means that you use less and finish faster than brushing.

Price ex vat:

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Lottie was resprayed by her middle owner, and I think from looking at the recipts it was a mate's rate job. Looks great at a distance, but it's flaked off in a couple of places where stones have hit it, and there are small bubbles all over the place - someone here says that's probably moisture during the respray.

I'll have to live with it for now (skint), but I know I'll have to have a proper job done eventually.

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