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My air conditioner is blowing cool air, but not cold air. It could not keep up with the 75F day we had yesterday (not hot,I know, but I was testing to see if it worked), so I'm a little concerned that she may have trouble with the 95-105f days that are sure to come in a few months. As I am not a native of Texas, I get rather uncomfortable in hot cars in July and August.

Is the air conditioning system the same as U.S. and German cars?

Does the 1994 S4 have R134a?

Where is the compressor located?

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Hey Scott,

I just did a recharge on my S4. It took 3 cans of Freeze 12 to fill it up but the air blows cold again!

Here is a great guide on how to do the recharge:

I actually bought the freeze 12 (safe r12 substitute) on ebay for 30 USD.

Good luck!

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The use of R12 is in europe forbidden for some years now.

If your system is a R12 system there was a drop-in gas availible called FX56(in the benelux).

System pressure of R12 and R134a are almost the same but the oil will damage, (eat) your rubberseals and hoses.

If you do a conversion to R134a make sure to remove all of the old oil out of the system,the two of them dont mix.

If you dont care about livespan then put in R134, otherwise change the compressor.

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"Where is the compressor located?"

It's on the bottom right hand side of the engine, near the bulkhead. I hear the new gas is harder on the compressor. Sanden have a newer one better suited to the new gas. I believe the new P/N is SD5H14.



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Scott - here's what I bought -

The kit consists of (3) cans of Freeze 12 Refrigerant, (1) can of Oil Charge, (1) can of Leak Sealer and Detector, and (1) Freeze 12 Quick Charge Kit which has all the Charging tools, Hose, Fittings, Label and Instuctions that you'll need.

Lou Senko

Austin, TX

more, more, more....

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Scored 3 cans of R12 ($120).

Blows out much cooler, but I still get hot.

Got side windows tinted (22%).

Much better, but the windscreen acts as a huge magnifying glass...still too warm.

Get windscreen tinted (48%, 5% at the top for a visor).

Perfect. When the temperature is under 85F, I don't even need AirCon. At 100, I'm comfortable with Air on, and I have no back sweat.

Visibility is still good, even at night.

As you can see, the sun is shining ridiculously bright on the 95F day these were taken (look at the wall).




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did u check the hi & low side pressure, before u put that expensive freon in?

ive heard that expantion valve design it fails or clogs very easy,

so if the compressor works against higher pressure it may die fast,

the expantion valve was less than $30 @ napa, compressor is sanden less than $200 ebay or rebuild

localy, for any hoses power steering, clutch, brakes, ac etc. on my cars I use steward hose in fort worth,

all the new part's are copatible with both refrigerants,

let me know if u need any part #'s I still have the new parts in boxes I belive

take care

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