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Lotus is too addictive!

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You know the saying about how its impossible to not chew a fruit pastel (we know it is possible)

Well....Has anyone tried to drive their Esprit without exceeding 4000Rpm???

I have tried on numerous occasions but the minute i'm on an open road the Revs is the Esprit Addictive and if so how many other addicts out there have tried driving theirs at sensible Rpm's?

Pointless thread I know but try you won't last a few miles.


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I've just sold my daily driver, I'd not driven it since January since the Esprit is working 100% so there was no point keeping it on!

Still only getting 10mpg but lovin' every second behind the wheel :lol:

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my esprit is an absolute beast and it sounds insane also..

there are many cars that will approach me on the highway to see the car.. and sometimes to dare try to race me.. at 450hp/430tq and 2800lbs.. you can imagine very very few of them last more than a few seconds before I dissapear into the distance..

it's very cool to drive around in this car.. when I floor my m3 it feels like a fast car.. then I get into the esprit and try the same thing and realzie the difference between fast.. and FAST..

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Piece of urine, do it every week. Can even drive in 4th at 28 mph, v low revs, easy on the right foot, pootle along, just dont dump the throttle and expect a big response. If the incline goes up, then you might just have to change gear!

42 mph in 5th no probs, all below 4000rpm.

Motor way easily below 4000rpm at national speed limit.

then carefully remove sensible brain, place in the hooning brain and engage lotus switch and wayhey. Burn baby burn that petrol B) B)

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Since tinkering with it, I try to keep the boost down, but the neddle always seems to be over on right, and I'm looking at the sky again, I guess if you want to drive it slow, buy something slow.

I ride my bike locally, so I save fuel that way!

Roger B)

Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it, depends on what you put into it. (Tom Leahrer)

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Fuel has just risen to $2.00 NZD per litre for BP 98 gutted but the upside is getting the fuel paid for in the daily runner. So on the whole works out quite good for running the V8.

Have you ever seen those old school American posters of a yellow 1930's Ford roadster Hotrod and a black Lambo cop car pulling up a couple driving the Roadster. The poster title says"I cant drive 55" I always thought that was cool, in hanging in our garage. I wished they could have done something for the Esprit :lol:

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It goes below 4000 RPM???? :thumbup:



Does *any* car go below 4000 RPM??? I don't think I've done that since my driving lessons, even in my wife's old 1.0 Fiat Panda before we traded it in.

It didn't sound nice, it was just the only way to build up any speed.

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