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As for the supermarkets, like much of their products, petrol is a loss leader, and is again used to lure you into the store.

I can echo that point.

I used to run one of those supermarket stations, I would get through 300,000 litres of fuel in a week, and the profit from approx

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Andy. Tesco's at Harford Bridges is 94.9 and with a fuel voucher for 5p off a litre I can understand what you are saying! However, you try and get in there! I was there at 9pm last night and still had to queue for 10 mins. During the day you can't even get close!

I know the retailers don't make much, but the Petrol/Oil companies, like BP make alot more than they say they do! They make money from Pump/Fixtures and fittings rental and purchase for their Franchises, Credit cards, fuel cards, virtually everything sold in the shop (my local Shell station even has Branded sandwiches now!) etc etc. It's not just the petrol they make money on it's everything!!

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Brighton today.

Esso 95.9p/l

Less than 3 mins up the road, same fuel type....

BP 105.9p/l

(diesel was 12p more)

...and the morons were still filling up there :blush:

In some ways I hate the companies for the price hiking but in other ways I dont blame them when 95% of the populous are as thick as 2 short planks !

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Where we live there's a BT garage and then a Tesco garage about 200 yards further down the road. The Tesco is always at least 1p cheaper than the BT but there are still always queues of people filling up at BP!

The cheapest I've seen today was 94.9p at Sainsburys unfortunately it must have been the cheapest most people have seen as they had run out!

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