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V8 S3 - To esprit or not to esprit


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Known seller, Stocks coachworks?

looks real interesting IF it is a factory development car, even if it's an S3 that

someone has put the rover/buick lump into then it's a fun sounding car, with a ton

of work on it.


It ain't turbo bodied.



My S3 also had the louvres and sills fitted, but as with most attempts

to look like a turbo it did not have the tricky bit done: the cutting back of

the rear body section, re finishing to a flat, and then fitting the rear turbo

light/spoiler assembly.

See she still breathes like an S3 too, with vents on the rear of the ears,

and that (as with mine) it has the S3 engine bay lining, meaning it is not

mated to the louvres for heat extraction, they are just for show (hence

the ears). Nice tanks.

Would love to see one of these tip-top and finished perfectly,

why don't you go for it marc? it's white like you want after all.

*i'll come round and make the tea while you tear your heart

out fixing it up! :)

*Genuine offer

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This isn't Stocks Coachworks.

It's Nick Warren, he's also gat a few up for sale on LEW as well.



I get confused see. Both him and stocks sell quite a few Esprit,

and i think i've seen S3 V8's at stocks in the past?


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If you have a problem with me please do not voice it on a public forum, yes I have many cars that fit in to the project territory, they are all described as such,I declare if history is available.

I have restored many negelected cars, others i sell having not touched them.

Yuo have not left a deposit for any car from me, you did not want to pay what I was asking.

I do not have the time hence why the cars are for sale, ditto the SE Turbo. I was making some effort for you to sort out an MOT for it, depite the fact that i did not want to and wanted to sell it as was.

I do not lie about the condition of the cars, do not tart them up with a bit of paint over the bad bits or make up service history if it has none, they are as you see them, almost no one does and seem to be able to judge a car from a few internet pictures.



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