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French Esprit Book


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I posted this on the LEF site but not sure if it goes to all Aussie members so here it is again for anyone interested. Hope you didn't get it twice

We have all heard of this book from Remy Solnon about our awesome cars, however like most i have been reluctant to buy it due to firstly the price and secondly for me here in Australia, i would have to buy the book sight unseen, making it really difficult to swallow the purchase and shipping!

Well lucky for me my neighbour is a book supplier for a lot of the local schools and has managed to make a connection with Les Presses Litterauires, and presented me with a book last night as a gift!...( gotta love this neighbour!)

Anyway, just wanted to report, all of our Esprits look fantastic!

The quality of the book, its layout and the thick paper it is printed on is worth the money and some...

To see my car in print is also a buzz, with Remy showing not only two smaller illustrations of my girl, but spoiling her with a double center section spread, allowing her to pose in all her glory.

There are about 20 Esprits that have a double A4, (A3), size photo in it.

The printing is so good, that i think i can spy a splattered bug on someones windscreen!

The down side of course is that it is written in French, which of course is useless to most of us ignorants, who only speak our native tongues.

...who are we kidding? most of us only look at the pics anyway, and all of the pics and specs are in English!

there are the lotus full production figures for each year as well as their specifications and all the identifiers for the engine and chassis and where to find them all too.

I think this book is a must for any Esprit owner who, if like me, cannot resist more Esprit Memorabilia or for any owner selling their featured car, to offer an Esprit that has been published, I would imagine this would excite the buyer even more...

If anyone locally wants to view the book, it is on show at the "Lotus Bar" in Mt Cotton Brisbane.

If anyone wants to order one from a local supplier then give me a shout and i will put you onto my neighbour, who after 5 months of battling, has made a connection with France to sort out orders fast and economically.

Good Onya Remy


"Laugh" and the world laughs with you - "Cry" and you just wet your face...

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I think this is what everyone was after, an unbiased review (well as unbiased as someone with his car in it can be!). Remy should send LEW a copy to review and maybe get some example pics put up.

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Yes Mark, I think I am looking at your baby right now...

I think you can buy it direct from the publisher, from the link that Redshift put up...

If anyone wants to see thier photo in it then let me know i will scan the page in and email it to you


...In fact mrk it is the same picture you have as your avatar image...

"Laugh" and the world laughs with you - "Cry" and you just wet your face...

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Hi everyone,

I just discover this topic and I could answer some questions you asked.

I sent a copy of my book to LEW in september 2007 to publish an article about it in the LEW e-shop ("Lotus Esprit" on LEW e-shop). Different pages could be seen at the end of the article.

If you want to see some pics, I could send other pages of my book on this topic.

If anyone had problem to order it on the (french) website of my publisher, just send me a mail, I will pass on it to my publisher.

I know that the book is written in french and that is a problem to people who speak english. But I have the same problem when I try to read the wonderful book of Jeremy Walton about the Esprit.... I prefer looking at the pictures and figures.... And my book was not first translating in english because Jeremy Walton wrote this book (in english) about the whole story of the Esprit !


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