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Camber setting for Monoblock wheels?

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Yeah, the S4s stock camber settings are a good idea since it is a 4 cylinder with the same tyre sizes. Should be front -0.9' (+/- 0.1', within 0.2' side to side) and rear -1' (+/- 0.1', within 0.1' side to side).

However, the 'correct' camber is very much dependent on how the car is being driven. Static negative camber is used to counteract body roll in a corner which causes additional positive camber on the loaded outside wheel so overall the wheel stays more or less vertical with zero camber. If you're cornering hard, you want more static negative camber since you have more lateral g and therefore more body roll. For example since I do a lot of track day I use -2' at the fronts (even with my race suspension and springs which are almost twice as stiff as stock). But if you take the same corner at a slower speed, you don't have as much positive camber from body roll so with a lot of static negative camber you still have negative camber overall and the insides of the tyres will wear. Essentially then the stock camber settings are a compromise.

The other thing to check is the toe settings. Toe out is where the wheels are pointing away from each other in the direction of travel and toe in is where they are pointing towards each other. It is used to take up the play is the suspension bushes (and to make the turn in a bit sharper). For the S4s the stock settings are front 1mm toe out overall (+/- 0.5mm) and rear 1mm toe in each side (+/- 0.3mm, within 0.2mm side to side). If you have too much toe out at the front or toe in at the rear then the tyres will be scrubbing against each other excessively in a straight line which with the static negative camber means the insides will wear.

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